How To Pick the Siding Color for Your House

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If you’re thinking of enhancing your house’s exterior aesthetics, you’re probably wondering how to choose the best siding color.

Trying to build a specific impression about your house will require picking the suitable shade that matches your theme or preference.

But aside from your personal taste, there are other factors you can consider when selecting the siding color for your house. For starters, you can determine your overall color palette depending on the house’s architectural style, the light intensity in your area, and whether or not you want to highlight or tone down certain features.

Nonetheless, successfully picking the right siding color for your exteriors goes beyond satisfaction. You will be happier and prouder of your home. That’s why it’s a task that no one should take for granted.

Learn more about siding colors that suit your house in the following few lines.

Factors To Consider: How Should You Pick the Siding Color for Your House?

Picking the siding color for your house is a significant design decision. Unfortunately, doing it without the right guide can lead to disastrous results.

But then again, you don’t exactly need to be a certified expert to know what you want.

All you got to do is carefully examine the factors influencing exterior aesthetics and base your decision around it. So, here it goes.

Architectural Type

The style of your home strongly influences the color of its sidings. Home designers know exactly what colors compliment their masterpiece.

For example, if your house has Victorian-style architecture, you can play with deep colors or somber ones. Likewise, pastel would also be a good choice.

These color schemes fit well with the style as Victorian houses often look grand. However, it will go over the top if you choose bright, outrageous colors like mood mauve, tracksuit, and little miss sunshine.

On the other hand, with contemporary houses, the overall design is often described as simple but sleek with primarily clean lines.

Architects and exterior designers recommend neutral colors, especially if you’re aiming for a minimalist look.

Highlighted or Hidden Features

Newer house designs mainly adopt simple designs with subtle features. However, owners who wish to put more emphasis on their windows can add colors on the trim that contrast the siding (main).

However, if you are trying to tone down certain features, it is best to use neutral colors that give a sense of commonality, such as tan, beige, taupe, and camel.

Light Intensity

Your location can also help you identify the best siding color or color palette for your house. 

It is crucial to consider the weather, seasons, and light intensity during the morning, afternoon, and evening to decide which color appeals to your style without bothering your neighbors too much.

During summer, when it’s mostly bright, colors appear to be vibrant. But on any other seasons, this impression will most likely change.

If you’re going after colors that look warm, go over some swatches and see how they look during different times of the day.

Personal Taste

When all has been said and done, your choice of the siding color all boils down to your personal taste and preference.

You would probably consider your favorite color or any other color that represents your personality for your siding. The good news is you can do exactly that. You simply have to make sure that it is well complimented with appropriate secondary, stone, and trim colors.

Is It Better To Have Light or Dark Siding?

Whether you should have light or dark siding depends on the size of your house and how you like to be perceived in the neighborhood.

According to house designers, darker siding colors will suit small houses, while light colors are best for large houses. However, if it goes the other way around, it could result in unpleasant or faded looks.

For example, if you have a huge craftsman-style house and you paint heavy dark colors like evening blue on your main siding, your house will appear imposing in your area.

On the other hand, if you have a small cottage with light Mastic vinyl color for the siding, your house may appear bland.

Nonetheless, it still depends on how you like your house to pop or fade in your place.

How Do I Choose Exterior Color Combination?

When it comes to exterior color combinations, the rule of thumb is to choose three complementing colors. Next, you have to decide on your main shade for the house siding and find accent colors that match well.

Home designers recommend lighter shades compared to the main color when it comes to the primary accent covering the pillars, trims, and railings. 

For the secondary accent applied on doors and shutters, darker colors will be more appropriate.

What Siding Color Makes a House Look Bigger?

Light and neutral colors for the siding will make your house look bigger. It’s one trick of the eye that makes your house more welcoming.

You can choose colors like arctic white, ivory, sage green, witch hazel, and light gray. Likewise, you can also opt for other earthy tones. 

What Is the Most Popular Color for Siding?

Most house remodeling projects consider gray as the most popular color siding, especially for modern homes. The gray siding is often paired with blue trim or the other way around. Others opt for neutral grays that seem to complement various ranges of warm and cool colors perfectly.

What Siding Color Goes With Colored Bricks?

Bricks are often part of many house designs. But, if you’re having trouble picking a color for your siding because it can be conflicting with your brick color, here is a simple guide that could help you out.

Red Brick:  Go with brown, tan, gray, and sage green for the siding color.

Orange Brick: The siding color could be riverway, sage green, and cream.

Brown Brick: A blue-gray or tundra gray siding color will do.

Tan Brick: The smokey gray color siding suits tan bricks best.

Choosing the right siding color if you have brick walls can help you maintain the accent of the bricks without it overpowering the design.

What Siding Color Goes With a Colored Roof?

As more designs are meant to explore colors, having houses with colored roofs is pretty common. Whether it poses a challenge or provides a wonderful opportunity to be creative depends on the color of the roof and the siding color you’ll pair with it.

Green Roof: Go for earthy and neutral tones such as cream, white, and tan.

Brown Roof: You can choose from blue-gray, sand dunes, and cavern steel.

Gray Roof: It goes best with off-white, blue, and gray-green.

Black Roof: You can never go wrong with desert stone and snowscape white.

If you choose the wrong house siding color that should go with your roof and vice versa, it could create a confusing look for your house exterior.

What Color Goes With Black Windows?

You would often see house designs with black windows. When it comes to repainting your exterior, having this kind of window color isn’t an issue at all.

Black windows can have white trims. This contrast will only accentuate your window and make it pop especially if it’s the front window.

You can also choose any siding color you like to pair with a black window. If you want to tone it down a little, just choose darker trim colors.


Choosing the right siding color is all about how you visualize your exterior.

In imagining what aesthetics suit your style, consider how tasteful it will appear, matching the architectural design, house features, and more.

You may already have the idea of what you want but still doubting if it could really work. Not to worry, you can always get the help you need in turning your remodeling vision into reality. 

Don’t hesitate to get the renovation services that could make your life easier.If you are located in the Northern Colorado/ Southern Wyoming area, then give us a call today at 970-663-2868 or fill out the contact form to make an appointment to discuss siding options or your next home improvement project.

Painting Vinyl Siding

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What a Homeowner Should Know About Vinyl Siding and Painting Vinyl Siding From the Experts.

Any savvy homeowner is going to be on the lookout for the most cost-effective ways to protect their property value. The structure of the home must be protected from the elements by formidable roofing as well as a sealed and watertight exterior. One of the most popular and impressive options for protecting a home’s exteriors is the use of vinyl siding.

While there are many different siding options, vinyl is certainly a cut above the rest. This impressive construction material comes with a wide set of benefits that improve the value of your property and investments in a number of ways.

Vinyl siding is waterproof, which means it will keep the inner structures of your home free from moisture. It is also a highly durable material that will last for years to come and there are even ways to extend its usefulness.

Vinyl siding is also an especially low maintenance option that will only heed an occasional wash down with water and a brush to keep your exteriors looking sharp and beautiful. Finally, vinyl siding is an especially attractive siding option. Available in so many textures and designs it can allow you to attain the highest levels of curb appeal, which is important to good living and if you are ever considering a resale.

Vinyl Painting

At TNT Home Improvements, we bring special skill and experience to installing and maintaining vinyl siding in an effort to enhance the value of your investments. While vinyl siding is a very long-lasting material with extensive benefits to the property and property owner, it does require a professional touch. The only way to ensure your vinyl siding will serve you well and that additional attention extends its service life is to have your exterior needs addressed by an experienced local professional. This is where TNT Home Improvements steps in to ensure you get every bit of value from your home investments.

One way to breathe new life into vinyl siding just beginning to look its age is with a proper paint job. Applied properly and at the right time by the right professionals, there are a number of benefits you can expect from painting vinyl siding.

Following is our professional perspective on this potentially budget-saving operation.

What you should know about Painting Vinyl Siding.

Not all homeowners are aware of the possibility and potential advantages of painting vinyl siding. You can take your current look and completely transform your vinyl siding with the right coat of paint and the aesthetic possibilities are limitless. It is actually much easier to paint your vinyl siding than it would be to paint a wood or brick wall.

Nevertheless, there are many minor considerations that must be factored into your plans for painting vinyl siding. Without experience in this task, there are many ways to botch the results. When applied effectively, a painted vinyl siding will look better, last longer and save your cash, but the reverse is also true.

This is why we recommend you contact TNT Home Improvements exterior constructions for expert advice on how to properly improve your vinyl siding.

Choosing the Right Colors

You will have to consider how the heat of the sun will play a role in the proper bonding of the paint and the vinyl siding. If your vinyl siding is a lighter shade and you apply a very dark paint, you will notice that the vinyl siding will start to absorb more heat and this can cause warping and other disfigurements.

On the other hand, when applying a lighter paint on a light-colored siding, a poor choice of hue and the desired effects may not be as dynamic.

The proper house paint comes in an extensive range of vinyl safe color choices that will make your home look completely new and increase the longevity of your siding.

Advantages of Using Vinyl Paint for Siding

Improved Curb Appeal – the advantage you and everyone else will experience the most profoundly will be the aesthetic improvement. If you have recently had landscaping, a patio or deck installed, you may find that a color adjustment can complete the look. Or, maybe your siding is beginning to look a bit old and worn? A paint job can freshen those looks and make everything seem new.

Preserve Your Budget – Rather than replace your vinyl siding when it has become faded and unattractive, a painting job will only cost a fraction of the costs of replacement and many paint jobs come with guarantees. Be sure to ask your exterior experts about guaranteed paint jobs.

Hide Partial Replacements – Sometimes your vinyl siding may become damaged by hail or other accidents. In such a case replacing the damaged panels will mean a few portions of your home’s exterior will appear off-color. This can be very detracting to curb appeal. Here is another time when painting vinyl siding will ensure your home looks great for longer.

Things to Consider:

There will be a few things to consider before you can be sure a paint job is the right move for your vinyl siding.

1. A Good Cleaning

Often despite your best cleaning efforts your vinyl siding still appears old and dingy. You may be thinking of having it painted, but sometimes there is an even more cost-effective solution. Vinyl can become embedded with fine particulate matter, airborne grease and dust that becomes baked into the surface by the heat of the sun. To remove all this, a good pressure washing is in order. Vinyl siding can endure in good conditions for as long as 50 years. Be sure to have it regularly pressure washed to restore its looks and protect its longevity.

2. Warranties

Some vinyl siding comes with a warranty that will be void if the siding is painted. You will need to check this detail before beginning.

3. Painted or Replaced

Remember that there is always the chance that your vinyl siding is too far gone to paint. In this case, the only option will be to consider having your siding replaced. Call our expert exterior professionals for a full inspection of your home’s siding. If your siding needs to be replaced, we will be there with the most affordable plans and cost-effective solutions for the task at hand.

Final Notes on Painting Vinyl Siding Loveland

At TNT Home Improvements we know how to ensure your vinyl siding painting project works out best and achieves your goals for economy and beauty. Call us at 970-663-2868 to get an estimate on your project. If you have any other questions or concerns about your exteriors count on our knowledgeable representatives for insightful information or click here to learn about our siding services.